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They only accept email submissions. For more details about the submission guidelines, visit this page.

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Since their inception, Kane Miller had been focused on publishing titles that reflect the diverse cultures of children across the globe. In , Kane Miller was acquired by the Educational Development Corporation; the press currently runs under their banner. Home city: San Diego. Submission Guidelines : Kane Miller Press accepts titles based on diverse cultures. You can also send in manuscripts about American subjects. For more details about their submission guidelines, visit this page. An independent publishing house full of happy and positive vibes, Chronicle Books has distinguished itself by publishing a wide range of fiction and nonfiction titles for children of all ages.

A subsidiary of Workman Publishing, Experiment Publishing is a leading publisher of non-fiction titles. This publishing house also accepts picture books. Submission Guidelines : Experiment Publishing only accepts non-fiction titles. While sending your manuscript make sure it has a title, subtitle, author bio, and a table of contents.

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More details about the submission guidelines can be found on this page. Home city : New York. Only email submissions required.

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Everything is sent via email. This group has a very strong presence in the schoolbooks sector across all niches and age groups. Arbordale Publishing are among the few publishers aligned to national standards for state education. They publish approximately 20 new titles every year. Each manuscript should only be mailed to them in a brief version of under 1, words, and everything takes place via email.

Relationships between people and multiculturalism is a frequent theme in their books.


Earnhardt author of Being Frank. Family or social situations are an especially welcome topic. This publishing house covers a wide range of genres, and for some it has created a different imprint. A publishing house focusing on world folk tales and mesmerizing storytelling, August House is open to new submissions for various of their lines. Thus, many titles in the Charlesbridge portfolio act as transition books for children in between conventional age groups.

Submissions can be sent via email, accompanied by a cover letter and contact information. They are one of the divisions or imprints of the Highlights for Children publishing house. Their focus is on picture books, novels for kids and young adults, chapter books and any storytelling endeavor featuring strong characters.

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Harrison and others. Their mission is to bring into the lives of African-American children stories and characters that they can actually identify with, while not excluding kids of other races either. Most of their books are for children between the ages of 4 and 8. Submission guidelines : At the moment, they are only looking for chapter books or middle reader books. If you have a manuscript that fits into one of these categories, you must mail part of it according to the guidelines present on their Contact page.

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To get to the guidelines, hit the Contact tab on the main page and scroll down. Tanglewood Publishing is an independent publisher that churns out fresh, engaging content that kids and young adults want to read. Their books focus on authentic characters who capture the spirit and experience of our daily lives. Submission Guidelines: Tanglewood is currently accepting middle grade titles, young adult fiction and narrative non-fiction. More details about their submission guidelines can be found on this page.

This publishing house focuses on non-fiction titles and learning material books for children of various ages. They are not accepting any fiction work submissions at the time. This article is a selection from the November issue of Smithsonian magazine. The treaty between the Lakotas and the United States had been signed at Fort Laramie in , the year before Grant took office.

To entice Lakotas onto the reservation and into farming, the United States promised to give them a pound of meat and a pound of flour a day for four years. Whether those who wished to live off the hunt rather than on the dole could actually reside in the Unceded Territory, the treaty did not say. All Lakota land, however, was to be inviolate. Most Lakotas settled on the reservation, but a few thousand traditionalists rejected the treaty and made their home in the Unceded Territory.

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Their guiding spirits were the revered war chief and holy man Sitting Bull and the celebrated war leader Crazy Horse. This the wasichus largely did, until Searching for gold was not. As the pressure rose on Grant to annex the Black Hills, his first resort was rough diplomacy. In May , a delegation of Lakota chiefs came to the White House to protest shortages of government rations and the predations of a corrupt Indian agent.

Grant seized the opportunity. Second, he, the Great Father, was powerless to prevent miners from overrunning the Black Hills which was true enough, given limited Army resources. The Lakotas must either cede the Paha Sapa or lose their rations.

Rosebud, June 17, 1876: Prelude to the Little Big Horn

For three weeks, they had alternated between discordant encounters with hectoring bureaucrats and bleak hotel-room caucuses among themselves. Meanwhile, miners poured into the Black Hills. The task of running them out fell to Brig. George Crook, the new commander of the Military Department of the Platte, whose sympathies clearly rested with the miners.

Crook evicted many of them that July, in accordance with standing policy, but before they pulled up stakes he suggested they record their claims in order to secure them for when the country opened up. Throughout these proceedings, Crook thought the Lakotas had been remarkably forbearing. Grant gave negotiation one more try. He appointed a commission to hold a grand council on the Great Sioux Reservation and buy mining rights to the Black Hills. The only member of the commission who knew the Lakotas was Brig.

Alfred H. Terry, the urbane and kindly commander of the Department of Dakota. Why not, he suggested, encourage the Lakotas to raise crops and livestock in the Black Hills? No one listened. The grand council convened that September but quickly foundered. Crazy Horse refused to come. Gate-crashing whites—some well-meaning and others of questionable intent—advised the reservation chiefs that the Black Hills were worth tens of millions of dollars more than the commission was prepared to offer.

Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2) Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2)
Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2) Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2)
Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2) Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2)
Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2) Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2)
Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2) Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2)
Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2) Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2)
Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2) Your Cover Letter (littleBIG Guides Book 2)

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