Yes We Can Laugh: B. O. Jokes That Dont Stink

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If he was burned alive it could raise serious cash. Unfortunately now he comes across as a chaotic drunk. Or push it down hill. Whoever this youth is, he sounds about as funny as three weeks of really bad weather! Probably laughs at farting noises too. Under a train. He addressed an insular cadre of socially challenged, prematurely middle-aged, pseudo-intellectual men, I thought. They are childish hypocrites. They should stop reading the guardian and get in the real world. I always preferred Richard Herring anyway.

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It was a fucking train-wreck. That man could not read an audience 3 feet away. I also got to know the fact that the man is a functioning alcoholic, finishing nearly 12 cans to himself before going onstage, and that he is banned from the entire chain of theatres I used to work at for being rude, dismissive of staff and responding terribly to bad audience feedback.


What a fuck. The man could barely stand up never mind tell a decent story. Everyone was laughing at him, and I hated his guts. Have you seen them? Please ReTweet. I fail to see what on earth is funny about him rambling on…. Give it two years and so will you. Like all right-on lefties he feigns contempt of intolerance and ridicules people for the predictably, allegedly right wing intolerances ascribed to stereotypically right wing people.

10 things you may not know about laughter

To me, morally or comedically this is no better than Bernard Manning or Jim Davidson both of whom were genuinely funny even if you now think their jokes were racist but neither of them were genuinely bigoted, IMHO of course, like Stewart Lee and his fans. In attempting to send up intolerance by being blatantly intolerant and bigoted, Lee falls flat on his face making any genuinely tolerant, left-of-centre, liberals so horrified that they simply could not laugh.

Unfortunately this part of iPlayer has temporarily stopped working. This will be because there has been an unforeseen technical error. What an absolute waste of time. It makes it much worse.

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Give me Michael McIntyre any day. He was carrying laundry. I hope the fucking chrones disease kills him. He claims to have read the entire works of William Blake — he obviously completely missed one of the great themes of Blake: a love and respect for all humanity.

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  5. If smugness could be harnessed as a form of energy this man could help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Verbal diahorria for stuffed shirts without a sense of humour. Surprisingly for the Guardian, they are recommending a man who hates the Top Gear presenters and co wrote a hit show that offended Christians.

    This is like being 15 and reading the NME. I could just close my eyes, but fantasizing about punching Stewart Lee is still more fun than sitting in complete, stony silence. Fucking smug-faced cunt. His smugness would wrap itself round my fist and slowly consume it, infecting me in the process. Stewart Lee once told a joke that I found desperately unfunny. Then he done a poo on stage. Stewart Lee once used my cheesegrater to remove smegma from his Willy. Then he made me cheese-on-toast without cleaning it. Absolutely the worst comedian I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Only comedian that I have ever thought of walking out on.

    You may be surpsied! He just rips off Ted Chippington. Ooooh look at me! Come back Richard Herring!! Why does any fan of this guy think they are also smart, high brow, cool non-conformists with sophisticated tastes that are above unprententious people like Macintyre? I thought him some soft, middle class idiot. To get Lee, you have to share that same conceited, immature arrogance common to all lefties.

    Really, anyone talking like they are somehow smart for getting Lee and you need a higher intellect to grasp him, whereas you have to be a moron to appreciate the likes of Macintyre is just a gullible idiot who has fallen for a deliberately crafted and honed comedy act. Anyone could get a laugh with that! It amazes me how he likes to repeat the same thing several times, likes to repeat things several times, repeat things several times, several times, times.

    Loads of brilliant comedians in audience. Only 2 on stage in nearly 4 hours. Good start to the day. Successful day all round methinks. She loves it. And anyone who sees Stewart Lee for the pompous self important tit that he is, is a friend of mine. Stewart Lee you are a prize cock. At least get your facts straight before you launch into your pious Guardian wank fodder. Look out, look out, gammon-headed bastard about. Pathetic and childish. Ham-headed, ham-fisted spastic.

    Long Jokes

    And totally unfunny. It was not funny. It was a sad and deliberate attempt to see how far he could go. This was ultimate sick humour, and if anyone thought it funny, they must be sick as well. You throw him a rope — but he hurls it back. And anyway, he was fine as he was, until you ruined it all. He made me smile. A disappointment. Has a very punchable tone of voice. My hand is firmly in the air! His TV shows are pathetic — even the invited audience are bored out of their minds.

    Jokes in English for the ESL/EFL Classroom - Long Jokes (I-TESL-J)

    He is not unlike Brand and the slobbering, fawning Ross OBE — smug, overpaid, arrogant, apparently stupid and not remotely amusing or entertaining. If Stewart Lee was in my garden I would tell him to fuck off. Just ask Denis Leary.? Lying on the floor, repeating the joke over and over. The shame is you had some relevant comments to make. One word, more pertinent to these shores; Islam!

    You fucking third-rate Bill Hicks wannabe coward! Hated it. I feel sorry for him in a way.

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    6. He reminds me of the nice public school chaps who had to join a horror of horrors comprehensive 6th Form College post Accents were altered appropriately and a certain cult status was achieved in the common room thanks to the confidence and slightly sick humour so common in public schools.

      And yes I do have a chip on my shoulder. But I have moved on and alas they and their ilk have not. All in all it makes my blood boil. Well, poor old Stewart is a classic example of a common comic situation.

      Yes We Can Laugh: B. O. Jokes That Dont Stink
      Yes We Can Laugh: B. O. Jokes That Dont Stink
      Yes We Can Laugh: B. O. Jokes That Dont Stink
      Yes We Can Laugh: B. O. Jokes That Dont Stink
      Yes We Can Laugh: B. O. Jokes That Dont Stink

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