Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition)

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Ce qui montre que la traduction est inexacte. Certain passages betray a lack of understanding of the dramatist's "translations". Janvier does not really come to terms with the limits of the form of address which she assimilates with the French one Janvier's translation of The Swamp Dwellers has not placed the scene between Kadiye and Igwezu in the correct sociological context Some parts of the Strong Breed reveal a confusion of register.

This is an indication of her lack of familiarity with the levels of language in Soyinka's plays.

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In 'The Trials of Brother Jero', Janvier battles rather ineffectively with the problems of retaining the original wit of the play. Iheanacho A. He holds a PhD in French and a B. And then one ill-fated day the finest player of us all got lost in the forests of madness. Did we eventually find the object of our quest?

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We had rediscovered the secret of dividing what was united. We did not go on television to announce our discoveries.

French Language

We did not seek grants from academic foundations or praise from the newspaper intellectuals. We brought fuel to the fire. Those who have not yet begun to live but who are saving themselves for a better time, and who therefore have such a horror of growing old, are waiting for nothing less than a permanent paradise. Some of them locate this paradise in a total revolution, others in a career promotion, some even in both at once. But those who have chosen to strike with the time know that the time that is their weapon is also their master.

And they can hardly complain about this, because it is an even harsher master to those who have no weapons. Which is in fact a fine title — more honorable than any the present system of floodlit enlightenment is capable of bestowing. In the years that followed, people from twenty countries entered into this obscure conspiracy of limitless demands. How many hurried journeys! How many long disputes! How many clandestine meetings in all the ports of Europe! Thus was mapped out a program calculated to undermine the credibility of the entire organization of social life.

18th-century French literature

Classes and specializations, work and entertainment, commodities and urbanism, ideology and the state — we showed that it all needed to be scrapped. And this program promised nothing more than an autonomy without rules or restrictions. These perspectives have now been widely adopted, and people everywhere are fighting for or against them.

But back then they would certainly have seemed delirious, if the behavior of modern capitalism had not been even more delirious.

Le prix littéraire de l’Œuvre d’Orient attribué à Véra Baboun, maire de Bethléem

Which is why no other revolutionary endeavor of this period has had the slightest influence on the transformation of the world. Our agitators disseminated ideas that a class society cannot stomach. They used to try just as hard to ignore them — but just as vainly, so great is the power of a truth spoken in its time. While our seditious intrigues spread across Europe and even began to reach other continents, Paris, where one could so easily pass unnoticed, was still at the heart of all our journeys, the most frequented of our meeting places.

But its landscapes had been ruined and everything was deteriorating and falling apart. And yet the setting sun of this city left, in places, a few glimmers of light as we watched the fading of its final days, finding ourselves within surroundings that would soon be swept away, enraptured with beauties that will never return. We would soon have to leave it — this city which for us was so free but which was going to fall completely into the hands of our enemies. O grief!

Paris is trembling. For our aim had been none other than to provoke a practical and public division between those who still want the existing world and those who will decide to reject it. Other eras have had their own great conflicts, conflicts which they did not choose but which nevertheless forced people to choose which side they were on. Such conflicts dominate whole generations, founding or destroying empires and their cultures. The mission is to take Troy — or to defend it.

There is a certain resemblance among these moments when people are on the verge of separating into opposing camps, never to see each other again. From its almost imperceptible beginning you already know that, whatever happens, very soon nothing will ever again be the same as it was. I have never quite understood those who have so often reproached me for having squandered this fine troop in a senseless assault, perhaps even out of some sort of Neronian self-indulgence. I admit that I was the one who chose the moment and direction of the attack, and I therefore take full responsibility for everything that happened.

But what did these critics expect? Were we supposed to refrain from fighting an enemy that was already on the move against us?

Those who never take action would like to believe that you can freely determine the quality of your fellow combatants and the time and place where you can strike an unstoppable and definitive blow. On the contrary, it is the unfolding of an event that may or may not verify a theory. Risks must be taken, and you have to pay up front to see what comes next. Other equally distant but less lofty spectators, having seen the end of this attack but not its beginning, have failed to take into account the differences between the two stages, and have detected some faults in the alignment of our ranks and concluded that by that point our uniforms were no longer impeccably egalitarian.

I think this can be attributed to the enemy fire that had pounded us for so long. As a struggle approaches its culmination, it becomes more important to judge the result than the deportment. To listen to those who seem to be complaining that the battle was begun without waiting for them, the main result was the fact that an avant-garde was sacrificed and completely pulverized in the collision. In my opinion that was precisely its purpose.

After them, operations move onto a vaster terrain.

Les Mouvements Littéraires [De l'Humanisme au Nouveau Roman]

Too often have we seen such elite troops, after they have accomplished some valiant exploit, remain on hand to parade with their medals and then turn against the cause they previously supported. Nothing of this sort need be feared from those whose attack has carried them to the point of dissolution.

A historical project can hardly expect to preserve an eternal youth, sheltered from every blow. Sentimental objections are as vain as pseudo-strategical quibbles. Were you hoping to live forever? But a thousand deaths surround us and no man can escape them. So let us move in for the attack. When the smoke clears, many things appear changed. An age has passed. Its air of innocence will never return. After this splendid dispersal, I realized that I had to quickly conceal myself from a fame that threatened to become far too conspicuous.

It is well known that this society signs a sort of peace treaty with its most outspoken enemies by granting them a place in its spectacle. I am, in fact, the only present-day individual with any negative or underground notoriety whom it has not managed to get to appear on that stage of renunciation. The difficulties do not end there. I have thus refused to take the lead of all sorts of subversive ventures in several different regions, each more antihierarchical than the others but whose command I was nevertheless offered on the basis of my talent and experience in these matters.

I wanted to show that it is possible for someone to achieve some historical successes and yet remain as poor in power and prestige as before what I have had on a purely personal level from the beginning has always been enough for me. Couverture rigide. Condition: bon.

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Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition) Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition)
Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition) Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition)
Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition) Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition)
Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition) Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition)
Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition) Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition)
Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition) Un des malheurs (Littérature française) (French Edition)

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