Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition)

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Have your fill of an entire roasted hog to celebrate Behemoth Brewing Company's sixth birthday. The second half of the program has now been revealed with plenty of events taking place under the stars at the waterfront community space. Weekends start with the Silo Bar, an abundance of food trucks and the much-loved Silo Cinema. The Silo season will take place until 31 March.

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For the full program and more information, visit silopark. Published on January 30, by Stephen Heard. Login with Facebook. Don't have a profile? I agree to the terms and conditions. Pick your playground. The Playmaker.

It's Monday. Payment date : Year of fee payment : Ref country code : GB. Ref country code : NL. Ref legal event code : ST. A silo 1 intended for bulk material, having a circular ground layout, which comprises a central supporting column 4 for a filling system 9 which can be loaded from above and can rotate around the central axis, and a transverse conveyor 20 which can rotate on the supporting column 4.

The transverse conveyor 20 is connected to the filling system 9 via a filling tube 12 which can be extended telescopically.

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The supporting column 4 is composed of annular disc-elements 5 or of a spiral strip, provided with a collar-shaped projection pointing downwards. The bulk material located in the region of the supporting column 4 slides, depending on the angle of repose, on to the disc elements 5 or the spiral strip, but not into the discharging shaft. During emptying, the bulk material is pushed by the transverse conveyor 20 between the disc elements 5 or the openings of the spiral strip and falls into the discharging shaft 7.

To avoid clogging during emptying, the projection 34 have an angled cross-section, the point of the angle 35 being oriented outwards.

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The invention relates to a silo having a circular ground plan for bulk materials and a central support column for a loadable from above and around the central axis rotatable filling device and a liftable and lowerable as well as to the support column to support column rotatably disposed transverse conveyor by a vertically telescopically extendable filling tube with the filling is connected, the built-up from annular disc elements the support column is provided at its periphery with guide rails for the transverse conveyor carrying lifting and bogie, as well as a central emptying shaft.

In a known large silo of this type NL patent application are rotated a filling device and a crane bridge with the cross conveyor around the center axis of the silo, the bulk material falls through the through short range of the filling level filling pipe downwardly and radially from the horizontally guided transverse conveyor is transported to the outside. The cross conveyor is raised with increasing filling level, where it maintains its horizontal position.

For emptying the two screws of the transverse conveyor are driven in opposite directions so as to convey the bulk material radially inwardly, where it falls via annular disc members of the support column in a discharge chute downwards and is drawn off there by means of a screw conveyor.

The disc elements are arranged at a distance from columnar, and their horizontal annular surface at least as wide that the bulk material remains lying on it in accordance with its angle of slope and only falls by the action of the radially transported inward transverse conveyor into the discharge chute. To stiffen the annular disc members whose outer periphery is provided with a downwardly directed collar-shaped approach, however, easily leads disadvantageously to clogging of the bulk material when this is pressed when draining from the cross-conveyor against the collar-like approach.

Because of this risk of blockage that is why the use of a built up of annular disc members support column that compared to other discharge devices offers great advantages in itself, so far only for bulk materials for which this difficulty is not. Furthermore, an embodiment is known from DE-A is known, in which superposed between the cell and the case channel openings are formed by side walls and louvered horizontal, inclined or curved surfaces. However, the surface elements have at its outer edge serving any of the stiffener, downwardly facing collar-like approach.

Therefore, the forces caused by the cross conveyor and the lifting and rotating means are received from an upper crane bridge. The surface elements can not form supporting columns for the cross conveyor.

m3 Pioneer - Episode 2 : récolte 2016, la recette d'un bon silo

In der nach Art. In accordance with Art. From the accompanying drawing shows that an acute angle the helical band tapers at its outer edge, the angle tip extends approximately at half the height of the strip. About the construction of the helical band, no further details can be found in this earlier application.

In contrast, the invention has the object to improve in a silo with a built-up from annular disc elements support column the construction of the support column in such a way that also easily prone to clogging bulk material without danger of clogging can be stored. This object is solved by the features indicated in claim 1. The pointing towards the bulk pointed edge initially has the advantage that the bulk material during the emptying directed into the existing between the disc elements gaps and leading to blockage jam in front of the collar-shaped projections is avoided, whereby a favorable deflection in the upper and lower intermediate space is achieved.

Due to the angular configuration of the collar-shaped projection, the rigidity of the support column is improved, so that the forces occurring during emptying be absorbed better.

Boy dies after falling into a grain silo on Dinninup farm

To adapt to the angle of repose, the annular surface of the disc elements may be formed concave or convex. In a concave formation of the angle of repose of the bulk material is reduced, enlarged in a convex formation. In order for a bulk product that easily attaches itself such. The annular disc elements or the helical strip can thereby stiffen in a simple manner in that stiffening walls radially inside the disc elements or the helical strip are arranged perpendicular.

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These can also be attached to a central tube, which can be set up as a commission of the shaft as needed. The guide rails for the lifting and the bogie are designed for a favorable force transmission preferably attached in a radial alignment with the stiffening walls at the outer circumference of the disc elements or the helical strip. Das in den Fig. The embodiment illustrated in FIGS. The silo 1 has a circular plan by a cylindrical wall. Zugeordnet ist ein Boden 2 und ein Dach 3. In the vertical central axis of a support column 4 is arranged, which consists of annular disc members.

Surface humidity at granulate will be achieved with non-hygroscopic synthetics e. A pre-heating is necessary to remove condense humidity. Several machinery can be served by one dryer. Cookies help us in providing our services. By using our services, you agree that we use cookies. Further information. Skip navigation Products Nozzle band heaters. Industrial applications.

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Packaging industry. Band heaters. HAK Aluminum compact. HKZ mica. Cartridge Heaters. Type 0 Cartridge Heaters. EP Screw-in Cartridge Heaters. Connection box AK. Industrial Oven Systems and Pre-Heat devices. Conveyor sheet- and part Ovens. Transition Ovens. Ovens with charging trolleys.

Laboratory Ovens. Laboratory Ovens standard designs.

Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition) Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition)
Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition) Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition)
Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition) Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition)
Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition) Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition)
Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition) Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition)
Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition) Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition)
Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition) Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition)
Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition) Silo - épisode 2 (French Edition)

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