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Shannon Sunday, April 1, - PM. Eheler Saturday, January 6, - PM. Shante Saturday, July 8, - PM. Previous Next. Top Comments. Carol July 15, Cordia August 14, John May 30, Hopfer January 12, Stefani November 19, Agatha - Age: Ambre - Age: Rose - Age: Beta - Age: Penelope - Age: My wife followed second, with a pair of hands on her waist, and the top half of her bathing suit pulled down to her stomach. Her tits were completely out, bouncing as she walked.

All three went to the master bedroom, and as I quickly retreated to the guest bed, I could hear the bedroom door close. He might hear you! Suddenly the room was silent, except for some soft sucking and kissing noises. I was incredibly aroused; my cock was throbbing. I thought I heard a soft moan come from my wife, so I had to go over to the master bedroom and look in. I sneaked open my door, and cracked the door to the master bedroom ever so slightly.

What I saw was worse than what I saw on my honeymoon: my wife had the bathing suit still on, pushed down below her tits and the crotch part of the fabric was clinging to the inside of her left thigh, thus exposing her wet pussy and nice ass. She was on all fours, with her ass hanging off the bed.

Peter, the muscled man, was standing in front of her with his pants down. From my vantage point, I could see everything clearly.

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And what I saw was frightening. I was so jealous of his superior physique. From behind her though, an altogether different thing was happening. He was licking just beside the fabric, which he had obviously forced over to the other side of her pussy lips. My wife seemed to be picking up speed on Peter when she let out an animalistic moan, a begging moan. She pulled it towards her pussy.

My wife looked like she was having fun, but also like she had done this before. I already have a Dad for the baby. I just need a man to give me one. And one of you boys will have to get me pregnant tonight. I could not believe my ears. My wife seemed to thrust harder back against Bill as he thrust harder when she said that.

Beth started moaning with each thrust. Bill I want your baby. I was devastated by this loss. Everyone must know about it, I thought to myself. Everybody at her work, my work, our family friends, her parents, probably my parents…it dawned on me that wife had been doing this for years. She fucked my brother Michael on our honeymoon!

The humiliation! And, for all my strength, I could not hold out my humiliation without getting incredibly hard and aroused, watching my wife try to conceive by getting tag teamed. I could see from his face that everything about my life and my family was about to change. I went back to bed that night, crying as I though of my big titted blonde wife spending her entire night fucking practically all of her male co-workers, and finishing the night of with announcing her desire to have a baby, by another man.

The next morning was awkward. I awoke for breakfast and went downstairs, smelling cooked bacon and eggs. When I got to the kitchen my wife was in her robe, the front open, and she stood complete naked, open for everyone to see. There were the remains of the breakfast just consumed on the table, but the men who had fucked my wife had just left.

My wife had cooked breakfast for them. My boss came by this morning and, after discussing several options last night at the party, he offered me a promotion, so long as I cooked breakfast. Of course, I knew she was lying and Bill and Peter had just left an hour before I woke up. Those were hungry men. My wife could see that I had lost my anger and was now just feeling humiliated, and she smiled.

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  4. Was he the one that you sat on his lap with? It feel open after they left. I felt ill, knowing my wife was trying to cuckold me and was lying right to my face about it. We slept in separate beds. He is a complete gentleman. You were too mopey to sit by, so I needed to sit somewhere! I felt impotent and shocked, dominated but very angry at my wife.

    She was lying to me and enjoying it. But she pushed it in my face anyway, in her subtle, cruel kind of way. I think he would fuck me. But last night I swear he was a gentleman, baby. I swear. She smiled and looked like she was stuck in a gaze.

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    My wife acted as though nothing had happened, and our life should continue on as normal. But something about my daily life was about to change.

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    It started on a Wednesday evening. I came home really late from work, it was probably at least 11pm. When I walked into our house, I expected to see my wife. Instead, the house was perfectly silent, except for the sound of springs squeaking coming from the master bedroom. She was clearly being fucked. I burst the door open. Inside my bedroom, I saw a predictable sight. What a-are you doing with my w-w-w-wife!? They stopped, and her stud turned and looked at me in the doorway.

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    I love blonde wife. My wife lifted her head from the bed just enough so she could see me. Can you sleep on the couch tonight, or in the guest room tonight? I was stunned silent: my pretty Beth was being pounded by a large, muscular black man, and I had not choice but to submit to both of them.

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    I was humiliated. When I was in the guest room late at night, I could still hear them fucking, and every once in a while my wife would giggle or laugh out loud, and it sounded like some of those times they were talking about me. Either way, my wife was becoming more used to having me openly see her affairs.

    I slept in the guest room again that night, masturbating three times as I heard my wife making noises. I wondered about condoms again, but fell asleep after crying for a few hours. Beth started to really up the ante with her sexuality on the first weekend after the party, and after getting tag-tea med by Bill and Peter. It was a hot weekend, and everyone was in their summer wear.

    On Saturday morning, my wife decided that she would go sunbathing. I was eating my breakfast when I saw her come down the stairs in a different white bathing suit than the one she had at the party.

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    This one was barely white; it may as well not have existed at all. Her nipples darkened the fabric and could be seen clearly, especially when they got hard. I could see her tits bouncing as she strode casually through the house, looking like a porn star.

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    7. She knew that her bathing suit was turning me on. I watched as she went to our backyard and got out her tanning chair. She had a book in her hands, but I doubted if she even had read the jacket of the book. I knew what she was going out back to do.

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      My Sissy Husband Confesses 6: Cinema Sissy Slut My Sissy Husband Confesses 6: Cinema Sissy Slut
      My Sissy Husband Confesses 6: Cinema Sissy Slut My Sissy Husband Confesses 6: Cinema Sissy Slut
      My Sissy Husband Confesses 6: Cinema Sissy Slut My Sissy Husband Confesses 6: Cinema Sissy Slut
      My Sissy Husband Confesses 6: Cinema Sissy Slut My Sissy Husband Confesses 6: Cinema Sissy Slut
      My Sissy Husband Confesses 6: Cinema Sissy Slut My Sissy Husband Confesses 6: Cinema Sissy Slut

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