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Oliver Twist. To Kill a Mockingbird. A Christmas Carol. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Anna Karenina. The Beautiful and Damned. Indeed, after the wreck a severely damaged life boat was found, and only part of the second.

The conditions of these lifeboats suggests that no attempts were made to leave the ship. No distress signals were ever issued. They might have split up or they might have capsized they may have broke deep and took water Since there were no survivors nor witnesses, their report is based on testimonies and an underwater survey of the wreck. This report suggests that the Fitzgerald was taking on water due to earlier damage from the storm and that around p.

Factors contributing to the sinking: Raising the wintertime load line.

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When a ship is filled with cargo, there is a level at which the ship rests in the water. This level is referred to as the load line.

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The height load line is set as a function of season and determines the weight of the cargo the ship can transport. This increased the frequency and quantity of water that could flood the deck during a rough storm. Leaking Hatchways The ore was loaded through hatchways located top side. On October 31 routine damage was noted during an inspection and were scheduled for repair after the shipping season.

The hatch covers were not sealed properly and were therefore not water tight, thus allowing water to enter the cargo areas. Once water entered it could migrate throughout the hold. There was no way to determine if flooding was occurring in the cargo bay until the ore was saturated, much like a sponge. Throughout the storm the ship was probably taking on water in the cargo hold though the hatches. Increased water loading, and the lower load line, made the ship sit lower in the water, allowing more water to board the ship.

Eventually the "bow pitched down and dove into a wall of water and the vessel was unable to recover. Within a matter of seconds, the cargo rushed forward, the bow plowed into the bottom of the lake, and the midship's structure disintegrated, allowing the submerged stern section, now emptied of cargo, to roll over and override the other structure, finally coming to rest upside-down atop the disintegrated middle portion of the ship" Marine Accident Report SS Edmund Fitzgerald Sinking in Lake Superior.

This sequence of events would lead to a rapid sinking, with no time to make a distress call or attempt life-saving operations. They have also ensured this policy was plastered all over social media for the public to see. What may seem like an act of benevolence on the part of the state is, in fact, a very calculated move.

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There is little doubt that failure to avail of this most generous offer will be used against applicants in the future, but the department is all too aware that many asylum seekers feel they cannot be open about their sexuality and such a journey would only expose them to staff and some fellow residents. Away from annual parades, the department is far less concerned about the welfare and needs of people forced to stay in closed environments and there has been no official effort to ensure access to LGBT appropriate accommodation.

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Most recently, the nation was convulsed by the case of Sylva Tukula, an asylum seeker from South Africa who was buried by the Department of Justice without even the dignity of a ceremony. Tukula, a transgender woman forced to live in an all male detention centre, made many friends among the wider LGBT community and others in Dublin and Galway.

Despite official assurances, the authorities failed to inform friends that her body was being released and she was laid to rest alone, far from home, without a funeral.

Fitzgeralds Pride Fitzgeralds Pride
Fitzgeralds Pride Fitzgeralds Pride
Fitzgeralds Pride Fitzgeralds Pride
Fitzgeralds Pride Fitzgeralds Pride
Fitzgeralds Pride Fitzgeralds Pride

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