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Demonic Tome

After Dark - a blend of perversion and bizarre with a touch of humor. Lives as a Cat. The toughest cat in canada was shot by some punk ass white kid. What's going to happen to the kid? Is the cat going to jump him and get his revenge? Charles Manson died, Thanksgiving happened, Black Friday went violent. Let's try to fit all that in one conversation fueled by booze and sleep depreivation.

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Airing of Grievances - No More Profanity! Deadman and Marchese go at it over the use of profanity and adult subjects. Is the show too raunchy?

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Deadman a sick pervert that needs to do time in the corner or rehab? Is the Dynamite a his mother? Deadman's Tome Facebook page https: Burn down the houses of the corrupt. Sexual harassment should not be tolerated. Brett Ratner is another scum bag hollywood Book of Horrors III might be the cause of acute bouts of mental illness https: Ladies, ever fantasize about getting it on with Cthulhu?

Demonic Tome Demonic Tome
Demonic Tome Demonic Tome
Demonic Tome Demonic Tome
Demonic Tome Demonic Tome
Demonic Tome Demonic Tome
Demonic Tome Demonic Tome

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