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Albert Einstein calls ballet dancers "athletes of god". They obtain their skill through passion, dedication, and long hours of gruelling practice; or because their mothers are living vicariously through them.

A complete fucking prissy ass bitch. Sworn enemy of the honest girl. I'm going to wax the floor of the downtown dance studio tonight so I can kill all those damned ballerinas.

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The female equivalent of a baller. Usually used to describe awesome people, people who just get stuff done, or people who just totally pwned someone or something. Man, that meeting was awesome! Lucy totally demolished that guy. She's such a ballerina.

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Baller-ina unknown. Pronounced Bawl. A twist on the word baller. Used to describe someone who is not nessasarly good at basketball, but suggesting maybe they could be better at Ballet. A nickname for someone who you'd like to think could be a baller but isnt quite there yet. The female version of baller.

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Hey, did you see that guy last night at the bball game? He's a total Baller! No way man, I think he's more of a Baller-ina!

Stacy : Hey Baller-ina! Michelle: Hows it going girl? Marymount Manhattan College graduate!

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Special thanks to Holly and the Vital team. She recently made her solo debut in the 30th 54 Sings Broadway's Greatest Hits! Atlantic Theater Company. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for everything under the sun. Instagram - lauraxelrod. Adriana Pannuzzo Gracie is thrilled to be joining the cast of Angelina Holiday! Originally from Melbourne, Australia.

I Trained Like A Ballerina For 6 Weeks

CAP21 and Marietta College graduate. Thanks to Holly and Thomas and her family!

Ballerina Ballerina
Ballerina Ballerina
Ballerina Ballerina
Ballerina Ballerina
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